Which of the 4K TVs are you getting for your home theater system

FourFourOneOne software update is out and here are some of the new features it will bring.

It is now possible to sync your Netflix account to a new TV.

This will let you watch Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Video from a new 4K-capable TV in a single screen session.

This will also allow you to watch Netflix and Hulu Plus from a TV that has not been upgraded to the new 4k specification.

This means that if you have an Apple TV, you can watch the same episodes of Stranger Things from the same 4K screen on a Roku TV, for example.

Netflix is rolling out a new version of its Netflix app for Apple TV and Apple TV Pro.

The new version will allow you, for instance, to pause and rewind Netflix videos.

It is also possible to access your Netflix history on Apple TV.

The new Netflix app will let users browse, pause, and rewatch their favourite shows and movies.

The feature will be available from the Netflix app on the Apple TV device.

You can also stream content from your Apple TV to other devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV Stick, Roku and Apple Watch.

Amazon Fire TV users will be able to stream video from the Amazon FireTV app on a 4K TV using the HDMI port.

Netflix on the other hand will only work with Apple TV with an HDMI port, which means it will not work on Apple TVs without an HDMI connection.

Apple TV owners can now access their Netflix account from any device, including the Apple Watch, using a simple touch gesture on the screen.

This feature will also work on the new Apple TV 4K Ultra.

The Amazon Fire and Apple TVs have both been updated to support 4K resolution, and the 4k-capability will be enabled in the latest version of Netflix.

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