VMware to shut down its data recovery service after breach

Microsoft’s data recovery services are set to be shut down as a result of a security breach, a spokesperson has confirmed to TechRadar.

The company said it was unable to confirm the details of the incident.

“We are investigating the details and are cooperating with law enforcement and our customer support team,” the spokesperson told TechRadars.

The spokesperson added that the incident “does not affect the availability of our cloud services.”

The breach comes as Microsoft and VMware are embroiled in a fight over data security.VMware and Microsoft have been at loggerheads since Microsoft began investigating data breach at the company in December.

Microsoft has denied that the breach is linked to the data breach, while VMware has claimed that it has the data.

Microsoft said in a blog post on Friday that it had been investigating a data breach involving VMware that was reported on January 26.

“The data was sent to VMware in error and we have taken action to correct the error.

Microsoft has not received any reports of data loss or damage.

We have contacted the customer directly and will take any further steps as appropriate to recover the data,” the post read.

Microsoft also said that it would shut down VMware’s data management and recovery services.

It also said the company was working with law-enforcement to investigate the breach.”VMware has the ability to restore the data to a working state, but this cannot happen if Microsoft is able to gain access to the affected Microsoft databases,” the company said.

The latest breach comes at a time when the tech giant is preparing to introduce a new cloud-based storage service called Microsoft Data Services.

The service is intended to help developers develop new applications and services, which would be able to store data across the cloud.

The move comes as a blow to VMware, which was able to secure $1 billion in funding from investors.

Microsoft and VMware have been embroiled in disputes since the data breaches, with Microsoft saying it had not received a single report of data damage and that VMware had not acted with a valid security certificate.

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