When do the Royals get ready for the playoffs?

By now, everyone knows the Royals have been in the postseason since the 2015 All-Star break.

They haven’t won since May of last year.

They’ve been playing well, but they haven’t had a great season.

They’re just 1-4 in the wild-card round.

And now, there are rumors that the Royals might be looking at a trade to get back to the postseason.

But it’s not an official move that the team is considering, as it’s a rumor and not a contract.

There are some things that have to happen before they’re going to be able to move forward.

If the Royals do trade, the Royals will have to clear waivers.

The only way to do that is if they can’t agree to the trade before the trade deadline.

That means that if they were to trade, it would have to be at the deadline.

So if the Royals were to deal, they’d have to wait until after the trade to do it.

So that would mean that the trade is off the table until July.

So the Royals can’t move a player until July 1.

So we don’t know yet how much time they have to get ready to move on.

There have been some reports that they are planning to move a shortstop to the outfield, but that’s not confirmed yet.

So at this point, the team has a lot of time.

It’s been a rough season for the Royals.

It wasn’t supposed to be this rough.

They were supposed to have a .500 record by the end of the season.

But now, the club is on a nine-game losing streak.

They just won’t be able do much with the team right now.

And if the team does get back into the postseason, it’ll be a much tougher time for the team.

That would mean a lot to a lot, which is why they’re probably going to wait a bit longer than most.

That said, they should be able make a trade at some point.

And that will probably take place before the July 31 trade deadline, which would be on August 3.

The Royals have a lot on their plate right now and the only way they’re doing that is through trades.

And the trades have not been very successful.

So right now, they’re just looking to get a couple of wins before they’ll make any moves.

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