MTV’s ‘The View’ returns to the airwaves Thursday night with a special episode of the show.

In the latest episode of The View, the former hosts of the MTV show discuss what they would do differently in their lives, the future of the political party in the US and what it will be like to live in a democracy.

“I’m going to go for the jugular,” Rachel Dolezal tells a visibly agitated Michelle Fields.

“This is the way to save the world.

I’m going for the crown.”

The former president also warns that if elected, she would “get rid of” Trump.

“We have to save this country,” she tells Michelle, adding, “I can’t say this enough, I want to save America.

It’s our future, our future.”

She goes on to say that she has “never been more proud of this country than when I was a teenager,” and adds, “You know, I was scared.”

During the show, Michelle says that “America was founded on a revolution,” and that it is a “time to wake up” and “start making America great again.”

“We are not in the United States anymore, this is the greatest country in the world,” Michelle tells the audience.

“The United States of America, this country is on the brink of a revolution.”

“I feel like my heart is breaking,” she adds.

“America is about to go to war with China.”

Michelle says she will not vote for Trump in 2020, but she will vote for “anyone who has a shot at beating Hillary Clinton in 2020.”

“If you’re on the ballot, you’ve got a chance,” she says.

“If it’s you, then you’re a fighter.”

“You can do anything in the history of this planet, but if you’re not going to take that risk, then it’s not worth fighting for,” she concludes.

Watch the special episode, airing on MTV News on Thursday, below.

WATCH: Watch The View’s latest special, featuring Michelle Fields, here.

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