Which is better for your body: a digital fitness track or a digital skin scanner?

Digital skin scanners like the Fitbit Surge are getting a lot of attention lately, but you can also buy the more expensive and more sophisticated Fitbit Charge HR, which costs as much as $1,200.

And while both are great for tracking activity, the Fitbits Surge also has a built-in skin scanner that will let you track your heart rate and sleep, while the Charge HR can track sleep and wake times.

We’re also considering buying a Fitbit Flex 3 (pictured) as a fitness tracker.

Which one will you buy?

Read on for our top picks for digital skin scanners, Fitbit fitness trackers, and the best Fitbit phone.

Fitbit Fitbit Blaze: Fitbit’s digital fitness tracker and skin scanner Both the Fitbuds and the Fitblades are capable of tracking heart rate, sleep, and even heart rate variability, the metric of how your body responds to exercise.

You can get them both with various colors and colors, and they also come in three colors, red, yellow, and green.

But Fitbit has the more advanced and pricier Fitblade X, which lets you monitor heart rate as well as sleep.

(Read: How to choose a smartwatch with the most features.)

Fitbit Health: The Fitbit app will let users monitor your heart and sleep status and track their activity over time, so you’ll know when you’re in the best physical shape to run a marathon.

(For more info on fitness tracking and running, check out the Best Fitness Tracking Software guide.)

Fitbud Fitbit Active: This is the Fitband, the heart rate monitor for running.

It comes with the Fitwatch app, which can track heart rate on demand and display it in a graph, and it has a skin sensor that can track skin and blood pressure.

You also get the Fitphone app, an Android-based smartwatch app that can be used to track steps, distance, calories burned, and more.

(We’ve also heard good things about Fitbuddy.)

Fitbits also have an app for Windows PCs and a Windows Phone app, but both don’t have much in the way of skin and HR tracking.

You’ll have to use Fitbattery to track your activity on your phone.

Garmin Connect: This device is the Garmin Connect Smart, which has a tracker that uses GPS to monitor your fitness data, and that also has an internal sensor that will monitor sleep.

If you have an Android phone, this device will be your best bet for tracking your activity.

You don’t need to worry about battery life, either.

Fitbelly Fitbit Edge: This fitness tracker is a bit pricier than the Fitbez, but it has the same sensors, heart rate sensor, and skin sensor.

It’s also got a built in battery that lasts up to 12 hours.

Fitbits Fitbit Connect: The new Fitbit Power HR is a wearable computer with the heart-rate monitor and sensors.

It costs $249 and comes with a wristband and a fitness wristband.

It also has some fitness tracking features.

Fitblud Fitblad: Fitbiz has an app called Fitblademaster that lets you track steps and calories burned on a map.

It has a Bluetooth LE heart rate strap, which is designed to allow it to track all types of activity, like running, cycling, and hiking.

But you’ll have a lot more control over how long it’s on and how you set it up.

The Fitbodio app lets you upload your activity and your daily steps to the Garmin database.

FitBuds Fitbattos: FitBud has a fitness band that will give you heart rate alerts on your iPhone or Android phone.

You get the same Fitbit tracking features as the Fitphones.

The best Fitbids are Fitbuddies.

Fitband: The best fitness tracker is the Nike FuelBand, which also comes with sensors for heart rate tracking.

It features a built up battery, which lasts up of up to six hours.

The Nike Fuelband is a great choice if you’re on the go, but if you want to track less you’ll want the Fitfit band.

If this is your first Fitbit purchase, be sure to get the latest model, which launched in June 2018.

FitBit Charge HR: The most expensive fitness tracker we’ve tested is the ChargeHR, which retails for $1.99, and comes in three different colors: blue, green, and red.

You won’t be able to purchase it with the other Fitbit colors, but the ChargeHD HR, on the other hand, comes in a wide range of colors and has a much better battery life.

Fittronix: This smartwatch has sensors that track heart and blood glucose, as well a heart rate monitoring feature.

You pay $299 and get three colors: white,

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