What’s next for the U.S. trade war with China?

President Donald Trump has been weighing whether to end the trade war between the U: The United States and China have fought a trade war over the past five years, but the Trump administration has largely left the decision up to Beijing.

A new Trump administration, which is being assembled at the White House, is taking on the challenge of how to end it.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Friday that the president is “working with his team to look at options that would allow us to end this trade war, which has hurt American workers, our companies and the American economy.”

The White House is working with his group on an economic strategy, Sanders said.

The president will meet with his trade adviser, Michael Froman, next week, she said.

Froman is the Whitehouse’s trade czar and former chairman of the Commerce Department under President Bill Clinton.

Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is on the WhiteHouse trade council.

In recent weeks, Trump has accused China of “monopolizing” the U’s steel industry, claiming that it was being subsidized by the U while dumping cheaper steel.

“They’re basically doing the bidding of the Chinese government, which we have a duty to enforce,” Trump said at a rally in August.

“They have to buy our steel and we have to sell it back to them.

I’m very tough on China.”

A recent trade lawsuit by a Chinese company accused the U of manipulating the steel market, and Trump and his allies have also vowed to “take the gloves off” against China in the future.

Trump has also pledged to renegotiate trade deals and has signaled that he will pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive free-trade pact with 10 nations that he says he would “very much” renegotiate.

At a speech last month, Trump said the TPP is “a disaster for the United States, and a disaster for America.”

While Trump has vowed to renegotiated trade deals, his allies on Capitol Hill say he has no interest in negotiating a deal with Beijing that would put U. S. jobs at risk.

Sanders said Trump and other members of his administration have not reached out to Congress about the trade dispute.

Instead, they have asked the White house to negotiate a “new, fair trade deal with China,” Sanders said, citing the WhiteScoop.com website.

She added that the administration is seeking the WhiteSenate.gov website, which provides the latest updates on the administration’s efforts to “restore American jobs, reduce our deficit, and rebuild our economy.”

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