Constellation software architecture, Thunderbolt software architecture could boost cloud computing capabilities

The company behind the first-generation constellation of small satellites, called the Constellation-3, has unveiled a new software architecture that would enable it to deliver more sophisticated cloud computing features in its cloud-based services.

The announcement comes as Constellation prepares to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Google to create a new type of cloud-hosted enterprise cloud service called Enterprise Cloud Platform (ECP).

In a blog post, Constellation said it would be creating a new, standalone cloud-computing service that would offer a number of new features and capabilities to its customers, including an improved cloud service experience for smaller satellites, a way to scale up and scale down cloud services in real-time, and support for more advanced cloud computing.

Cloud computing and cloud service offerings have been increasingly intertwined, with Google providing the first iteration of Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft building on Amazon’s Azure and Google’s Azure Infrastructure Services.

But while the technologies underpinning cloud computing and virtualization are similar, the underlying infrastructure is often different, according to the companies.

This is especially true for smaller companies like Constellation, which has struggled to develop and scale out its cloud computing services.

“We believe that the combination of these technologies can make it possible to leverage a number more of the compute resources that Constellation customers currently have, and provide greater efficiencies,” Constellation CEO and cofounder Mike J. Hall said in a blogpost.

“We are excited to announce this new service and see it coming to Constellation and other smaller companies in the near future.”

Constellation’s cloud-powered enterprise cloud services will include the ability to deploy data to cloud storage and access the cloud’s network through its own cloud-providing network.

In addition, Constellnts Enterprise Cloud will offer an integration of other cloud services, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Service, allowing customers to integrate these services on their own systems.

The new cloud service, called Enterprise Data Portal, is part of Constellation’s strategy to become a more agile and scalable provider of cloud services.

It will enable smaller companies to adopt the cloud, while giving them the ability for larger companies to scale the cloud services they already provide.

This new service is part in a constellation of technologies that will make it easier for customers to use and benefit from the new services that Constellonts Cloud Platform will offer.

“These new capabilities will give customers greater flexibility in deploying new types of cloud compute services and to deliver services that are optimized for their business needs,” Constellant CEO Hall said.

The Constellation Cloud Platform service is expected to be released in early 2017.

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