The next big thing in webcam software is here: Next Big future

Next Big is announcing a new webcam software offering for Android and iOS.

The company says it is adding “new and exciting features” in the next few weeks.

The company says the new feature is called “Video Capture”.

This feature allows you to capture images with the webcam while you are streaming video to your Android or iOS device.

The new feature comes with a “new” “Capture” setting in the Camera app.

In addition to the usual settings, you will also have the ability to upload your webcam image to the social network.

The app has a new set of filters that allow you to choose from a number of different filters.

These filters can be used to select different types of image, such as images taken with the device’s webcam, or images captured by your smartphone camera.

The filter options in the app are available on both Android and iPhone, but you can also choose from the “Other” filter to select an image captured by another device.

The app can also be used as a camera replacement app.

The “Other Filter” can be toggled off for a different image, and the filter settings can be changed by tapping the “Custom” button in the toolbar.

The camera app also has an option to automatically take a video capture while you’re streaming video from your Android device to your iPhone, allowing you to easily view and share your video as you capture images.

This feature is not available for the camera app on iOS, which has a different camera app.

The video capture feature will be available for “up to five different video quality settings, including HDR, burst, full frame, slow motion, slow image, or full frame and still frame” for Android, and for “a variety of different image quality settings” for iOS.

This new feature will also be available on the app on both the iPhone and Android devices.

While Next Big’s new webcam feature is only available for Android phones, the company says that it will be launching the feature on both iOS and Android phones “in the coming months”.

This is the first time the company has launched its new webcam app on a new platform.

As well as the new features, Next Big says the app has new settings to control how the camera captures images.

In order to control the camera settings, a new camera menu will appear.

From here, you can change the camera lens, exposure, and shutter speed, and you can adjust the exposure time for a wide range of exposures.

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