Which TV shows have the most and least female cast members?

The TV show world is changing.

For decades, men dominated the ranks of directors, writers, and producers, and female talent was relegated to supporting roles on the side.

But now, women are taking their rightful place in the industry.

In fact, the number of female creators has grown more than five-fold in the past decade.

And the new trend is not confined to television.

Actress Rosario Dawson, who starred in ABC’s hit series Grey’s Anatomy, is one of the most prominent female creators of all time.

Dawson, best known for playing Olivia Pope on the show, has said she wanted to work with women since childhood.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dawson said she has always been attracted to working with women.

“I always felt that my work was kind of masculine, I think because of my own upbringing and I think I was always more of a tomboy,” Dawson said.

“In fact, I’m kind of a perfectionist.”

Dawson also added that she is thrilled that the show has reached the milestone of being nominated for an Emmy.

“It’s just a great feeling,” Dawson told the magazine.

“And to be recognized for your work, it’s just incredible.”

Dawson’s daughter, Sophie, was also nominated for a Golden Globe this year.

“She’s been nominated for something she’s passionate about,” Dawson explained of Sophie Dawson.

“There’s something really good about having a family, because they make you feel a little bit less alone.”

Dawson has been praised for her creative talents.

She also earned praise for her acting skills.

“Rosario’s always been able to find a way to make an impact on anyone,” Dawson’s mother, actress Michelle Williams, told EW.

“Even when it’s hard, she always finds a way.”

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